Desktop Evaluator

You asked and LIA responded! After the inception of the web-based Evaluator in 2010, LIA worked to create an alternative platform of the software – the Desktop Evaluator – to further meet the specific needs of Laser Safety Officers (LSOs) in the field.

The format of the Desktop Evaluator most closely resembling the advanced subscription level of the web-based Evaluator, continues LIA’s tradition of offering users an easy and seamless experience. The program’s accompanying User Guide, located in the Help menu, provides an overview of the program, from explanation of how to perform an evaluation to parameter descriptions and calculated results. Additionally, you can double-click any input parameters for an instant definition.

The Desktop Evaluator Benefits

  • Change laser settings by easily switching between CW, Single Pulse or repetitively pulsed lasers as well as adjusting the beam profile (circular, elliptical or rectangular)
  • Designed for today’s LSO – record variables, including wavelength, pulse, width, focal length, and more.
  • View intermediate calculations displayed throughout the process.
  • Classification of the laser and safety calculations for the eye and skin, including MPE, NOHD, NHZ, OD, Specular NHZ and Diffuse NHZ.
  • Print calculation reports and save information to a file for later review.